Although lead poisoning is relatively low in the United Kingdom, it's dangers are still something to be aware of

Until 1965, many paints on the market had high lead levels.
This was particularly common in pre-1945 paints.
Even if a building has been recently painted, it may have been painted with lead based paints or have layers of old paint covered by modern paint.
Today only special purpose paints contain lead and these are clearly labeled.

Be aware of the dangers if paintwork is


Safety precautions to prevent lead poisoning

Wash your face and hands carefully before eating food or smoking and change out of contaminated clothing
( Wash contaminated clothes separately ).
Wear a hat or cover your head to prevent dust accumulating in your hair.
Wear a good quality, properly fitted toxic dust respirator

What are the signs of possible lead poisoning?

vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, irritability, listlessness, hysteria or convulsions.

If you think a yourself or somebody else may have been exposed to paint dust, flakes of old paint, soil with paint dust in it, or may have chewed on some old paint, you should ask your doctor to do a blood lead level test.

Untreated lead poisoning in both adults and children can be fatal.

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