Before you go on an explore, make sure you have the right clothing and equipment for use on the day / night.
From the list below, think what you might need for the location(s) you are going to visit.

Plan ahead and leave plenty of time to pack your bag, instead of gathering everything up at the last minute.
( You might forget that one vital piece of equipment / clothing )

The list has been gathered by equipment with what a few explorers have taken on previous explorations
( Thanks all who helped with suggestions )

The list below is a guide only, and may be missing an item(s) needed for a more specific explore.

Remember to take just what you need into the location itself.
( Other items can be left back at the car / hotel etc )
Taking the minimal of equipment into a venue, will lead to a more comfortable successful exploration.

Equipment Check List Guide

A Good Strong Waterproof Bag / Rucksack


Wear Warm Unrestricting Clothing - ( think about how it will effect your movement & always dress in layers )
Strong boots - ( preferably ones with ankle supports / steel toecaps / thick soles )

Also Consider Taking

Waterproof Jacket/Trousers
Disruptive Patterned Material "DPM" Jacket & Trousers ( For more stealthy manouvres )
Spare Dry Clothing / Socks / Underwear
Hat (Beanie style is ideal)
Gloves ( thick leather ones - for safety reasons, as well as warmth )
High Visibility Jacket / Vest
Hair Bands ( For the longer haired individuals )


Safety Equipment

Fully Charged Mobile Phone ( preferably set it to vibrate, so you don't attract attention if it rings )
Torch & Back Up Torch with Spare Batteries ( a wind up one is handy to have )
Caving / Climbing Helmet
Hard Hat
Rope, Harness, Clips etc
Rope Ladder
Safety Goggles
Clear Face Visor
Respirator and Spare Filters ( or at least carry some disposable dust masks )
Knee & Elbow Pads
Latex Gloves
Thick Leather Gloves ( handy if there any sharp objects around )
Disposable Paper Oversuit With Hood
Anti Bacterial Handwash/Gel
Hand Towel
First Aid Kit
Silver Thermal Blanket
Insect Repellant
Door Wedges ( You never know if that door will lock behind you )
Fully Charged Walkie Talkies (with spare batteries)


Camera / Optical Equipment

Camera Bag / Case
Camera & Spare Camera ( if you have one )
Video Camera
Large Tripod ( don't forget the quick release plate )
Mini Desktop Style Tripod
Gorilla Style Flexible Tripod
Camera Mounting Clamp
Lens Hood
Infra Red Remote Control Unit
Cable Trigger Release
Camera Cleaning Kit
Battery Grip ( if your camera takes one )
Spares - (batteries, Film, Tapes, Discs & Memory cards)
Shower Cap ( handy for keeping camera & lense dry when shooting in the rain , damp underground locations )
Spotting Scope
Night Vision Goggles / Scope
Camera Manual(s)


Other Items

Chocolate Bars
Any Medication You'll Need For The Trip
Maps Of The Area
Wallet/Purse with a bit of Money ( good to have a few pounds of loose change inside also, maybe a bit of ID too )
Notebook & Pencil ( also jot down any phone numbers you might need, before you go )
Small Compact Mirror ( Handy for looking around corners / signalling to others )
Cigarettes/Tobacco If a Smoker (papers/filters/lighter & a spare)
Wet Wipes
Loo Roll / Tissues
Insulation Tape
Blu Tak
Assorted Elastic Bands
Tealight Candles
( be careful with locking blades/knives/tools & where you take them )

If Away Camping Overnight

Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Mat
Stove / Burner For Cooking ( spare gas cartridge(s) / fuel blocks )
Mess Tins
Drinking Cup
Knife / Fork / Spoon
Can Opener
Rubber Mallet
Water Purification Kit

Never Take Any Of The Following

Marker pens
Spray Paint
Tools ( crow bar / bolt croppers etc )
Any type of explosive ( fireworks etc )

Last , But Not Least

Take Your Common Sense -- Be Safe & Be Responsible.

*** Tell People Where You Will Be Going / When You Will Be Returning ***

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