There's lots of hidden dangers in old/abandoned buildings and other locations you may want to visit.
( Some may be more obvious than others )

Here are a few guidelines to make your exploration a safer one

Try not to enter buildings on your own. ( get at least 2 people, but no more than 4-5 for other reasons )

Make sure to tell somebody where you are going / when you will be returning.

Always wear / carry the correct safety equipment that meets the demand of the location you are visiting.

Know where your exit points are, in case you need to get out quickly

Always carry a fully charged mobile phone.

Be cautious of unsafe floors / ceilings / walls etc.

Make sure doors cannot be locked behind you

Look out for any sharp objects / chemicals / other dangers ( wear gloves )

Be aware of gases when exploring underground, take gas monitors and breathing apparatus.

Other Dangers

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