When exploring, you might come across some "biological hazards".
Here you will find a few common problems that you may encounter when exploring

  • Be cautious of things that can cut you etc - these will more than likely cause tetanus.

  • Droppings from rats, pigeons, mice etc will contain diseases that are harmful to you.

  • Vermin can also carry many parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice.

  • Used needles might be found on a site - these will most likely lead to Hepatitis and HIV.

  • Some waters may contain "Weils Disease".

  • Mould and fungus can be harmful, and lead to breathing difficulties, sickness or even worse.

  • The Best thing you can do to keep yourself safe when out exploring is to....

  • Wear the appropiate protective clothing ( boots / overalls / gloves / respirator / goggles / headwear ).

  • Watch where you place your hands when manouvering yourself about.

  • Make sure that your tetanus jab is up to date.

  • Wash your hand as soon as possible after leaving a site. ( eating & smoking before you have, may lead to problems later ).

  • Don't touch anything you are uncertain of.

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